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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Agnes BurgessA woman from Norwich in the county of Norfolk, who is allegedly bewitched for several years. She suffers from over twenty fits in one day, during which she voids "Pins, Nails, Quills, Tabacco pipes, and a bended Farthing, with several other things." These items were shown to the Mayor of Norwich (Anonymous 101) as proof of her possession.(8)Ann Burgess in St. Edmunds Parish, near Fiv[e] Bridge, in Norwich, who was Bewitched for sev[e]ral Years, she having above Twenty Fits in a day besides she voided many Pins, Nails, Quills, T[a]bacco pipes, and a bended Farthing, with sev[e]ral other things before many Witnesses, all whi[...] hath been shewed and attested before the May[...] of Norwich, and I have them now by me to shew[...]()