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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Edmund BaconA man from the County of Suffolk, known to be a Justice of the Peace, who ordered Rose Cullender searched for witch's marks at the request of Samuel Pacy. At his order, six women were appointed to the task, including Mary Chandler. The searchers allegedly found Cullender to have four teats, one on her lower belly about an inch long, and three smaller on her privy parts. The larger teat is said to have had a hole in its tip, to have shown signs of having been recently sucked, and to have secreted a milky substance when handled.(38-40)And a Warrant being granted at the request of the said Mr. Pacy, by Sir Edmund Bacon Baronet, one of the Justices of the Peace for the County of Suffolk to bring them before him, and they being brought before him were Examined, and Confessed nothing. He gave order that they should be searched; whereupon this Deponent with five others were appointed to do the same: and coming to the House of Rose Cullender, they did acquaint her with what they were come about, and asked whether she was contented that they should search her? she did not oppose it, whereupon they began at her Head, and so stript her naked, and in the lower part of her Belly they found a thing like a Teat of an Inch long, they questioned her about it, and she said, That she had got a strain by carrying of water which caused that Excrescence. But upon narrower search, they found in her Privy Parts three more Excrescencies or Teats, but smaller than the former: This Deponent farther saith, That in the long Teat at the end thereof there was a little hole, and it appeared unto them as if it had been lately sucked, and upon the straining of it there issued out white milkie Matter.()