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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Helen FairfaxA twenty one year old woman, daughter of Edward Fairfax. Fairfax describes her as home schooled, 'slow of speach,' 'patient of reproof,' and free of melancholy(32)Of the patients two are my daughters of whom this the estate when the witches began with them The Helen Fairfax a maid of 21 years of person of complexion sanguine free from melancholy of capacity not apprehensive of much but rather hard to things fit slow of speech patient of reproof of behaviour without offence educated only in my own house and therefore not knowing much Elizabeth my younger daughter an infant of scarce seven years of a pleasant aspect quick wit active spirit able to receive any instruction and willing to undergo pains Besides these of mine one Maud Jeffray daughter of John Jeffray gent aged about 12 years hath suffered much from the same hands but I know her not so well as to speak of children with assurance for this lamentable occasion did acquaint us only neither know I her parents but by sight and these be the persons afflicted ()