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Assertions for a specific person.

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William AldredA man from Colwick in the county of Nottinghamshire, known to be a clerk and a preasher, who gave deposition against William Sommers alleging that he was among the 150 people who witnessed the exorcism performed on Sommers by John Darrell. Aldred says that he gave a prayer, during which Sommers was tormented by fits. John Darrell gave the next prayer, and Sommers' fits doubled in intensity. Sommers menaced Darrell and had to be restrained. At the end of the exorcism, Aldred saw Sommers thrown grovelling onto a bed, and lay there as if dead. Darrell praised God and willed the watchers to be thankful, at which time Sommers was seen to thank God for his delivery from possession.(Image 13-14)William Aldred of Colwick in the countie of Nottingham Clerk, and preacher of Gods word sworne, and Examined saith, that vppon the 6. of November last being the Saboth, Mr Ihon Dorrell, and diverse other Ministers, whereof this Examinant, was one, together with the Major of Nottingham and others, being about 7. of the clock in the Evening came into the house where the said Sommers was. And after prayers made to GOd, the said Ihon Dorrell exhorted with manie words all such whose hearts GOd should touch with his feare, to prepare, and assemble themselves the next daie against 7 of the clock in the morning, and to consecrate that daie wholie vnto the Lord with fastings and praper, and so departed from them at that time. And the Ministers withdrawing themselues, and conferring about the keeping of the said excercise, it was thought good that this said Examinant should begin the next daye. There were assembled at the time appoynted about an hundred, and fiftie Persons: and this Examinant beginning with prayer preached against the sins of our time. The boie in the meane time being tormented by fits in his bodie wonderfullie, as by heaving vp his bodie by hailing his lips awrire, one towards the one eare, and thother towards thother eare: opening his mouth wide, as if it where fouresquare, thrusting out his tongue, and putting it double againe into his throat: with manie fearefull cries, and strikes and sometimes laie silent. This examinant having ended his sermon the above named Ihon Dorrell began with prayer, at which tyme the torments in the boye seemed to be doubled: and after exhortation to the people ended, and the sayd Ihon Dorrell discoursing of the signes of possession as they bie in order in the 9. of Mark, the verie same signes there spoken of appeared most evidentlie in the sayd William Som: Note in marg: The signes appeare according to the vvord. in most terrible manner, for he striked, and roared with a lowde voyce, he fomed abundantlie, he gnashed with his teeth his bodie distracted severall wayes, and the preacher comming to these words: all things are possible to him that beleyveth, answere was made from the boye, thou liest, a[n]d with terrible countenance staring with his eies, gaping with his mouth, stretched out his hands with bended fingers like Eagles poun[ced]s towards the preacher, as menacing him, with leaping vp with his bodie, and other threatning gestures, but that he was restrayned by his keepers. And thus he continued the whole discourse of fayth. But when he began to speake of the signes of dispossession, (as it followeth in the same chapter) the sayde William Sommers was againe tortured with the former torments mone forceablie. And the said Ihon Dorrell dilating vppon this speach. He came out out of him, the sayd W. Som: made as though he would have vomited. And the sayd Iohn Dorrell besought God to glorifie his worde, and worke: then the whole congregation breaking theyr hitherto continued silence cried out all at once as it were with one voyce vnto the Lord, to releyve the distressed person: and with in a quarter of an houre, or thereabouts it pleased God to heare theyr prayers: for the bodie of the boie was taken, and throwen thwart the bed groveling, in which manner he laye as if he had bene dead for a season. The preacher then glorifying God, and willing the people to be thankfull (the which being accordinglie performed) the bote turned himselfe over, and vppon his knees rendred thanks vnto God for his deliverie By which time the sun being seth the exercise ended, and the boie went home with his master. ()