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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Henry CorbetA man, father to demoniac Faith Corbet, Henry Corbet witnessed his daughter's fits and desperate to find a cure, consulted three doctors, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Whitty, and Dr. Corbet, to find a cure. Corbet is the one who recorded Faith's case and pressed Huson for a confession which he too recorded.(53-54)For, her Father observing daily and almost hourly the motions and alterations of her Distemper, wrote to Dr. Taylor, (who lived at York) and described the same to him as exactly as he could. The Doctor was very confident he could grapple with any Disease Curable, except there was Fascination in the case: But in this his Skill failed; and therefore, when several things which he thought good for her, had been used, but did her no good, her Father sent to Dr. Whitty, who being then at Beverly, came over to her, staid that Night and the next Day till after Noon, greatly admiring the manner of her Fits, and gave her sometimes one thing, and sometimes another, as he thought convenient for her; but she was little the better. Her Distemper still continuing, or rather returning at times (for she had intervals) her Father upon the 24th. of March, 1660, carried her to Hull to Dr. Corbet, who with his Wife, (who it seems had some skill in such Distempers) used their utmost Endeavours, but with little Success.()