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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. TaylorThe primary care physician to Faith Corbet. Dr. Taylor first provided Henry Corbet medical advice by post in 1660. He took Faith Corbet in and she lived in his care from some time in 1662 until May 21 1663. On April 3 1664 sent 'Cordials and other Physick.' On April 24 1663, Dr. Taylor met with Dr. Whitty and Dr. Corbet about Faith, and then spoke with her.(53-54, 55-56)Dr. Taylor, (who lived at York) and described the same to him as exactly as he could. The Doctor was very confident he could grapple with any Disease Curable, except there was Fascination in the case: But in this his Skill failed; and therefore, when several things which he thought good for her, had been used, but did her no good (53-54) ()