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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Dr. WhittyA man from Beverley in the county of York, described as a physician who Henry Corbet hired him to help treat his daughter Faith's fits. Dr. Whitty was consulted in 1660, when he stayed the night in the Corbet home, where he 'admiring' Faith's fits and gave her 'one thing or another' as treatment. He was called on again, along with Dr. Taylor and Dr. Whitty, on April 24th, where the three physicians consulted one another and then spoke with Faith herself.(54, 56)[Faith Corbety's] Father sent to Dr. Whitty, who being then at Beverly, came over to her, staid that Night and the next Day till after Noon, greatly admiring the manner of her Fits, and gave her sometimes one thing, and sometimes another, as he thought convenient for her; but she was little the better. (54) She continued well all Saturday Night, and Sunday Morning 24th. of April, all the Doctors met and consulted about her Case; and coming to her spake comfortably to her, and told her how they had consulted for her good. She answered, and said, I thank you Gentlemen, for your Pains, Care and good Will: But if my Father would have been perswaded by me, he should not have sent for you: For I know, that so long as those two women are at Liberty, neither you nor any other, or any thing you can administer, will do me any good: But I must to give my Father and you satisfaction, take such as you give me. Thus she continued in a good State (saith her Father) till after Dinner I went up, and staid till Church time, and then left her as I supposed in a good condition. ()