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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Tim WellsetA man for Burton Agnes in the county of York, described as a minister who is called upon to witness Faith Corbet's possession when she appears to move past hysteria, and claims to be near death.(55-56)e'er they came, she coming a little to her self began thus to speak, Oh Faithless and incredulous People! Shall I never be believed till it be past time? For I am as near Death as possibly may be; and when they have got my Life you will repent when it is past time. Hereupon her Father went to Mr. Wellfet, Minister of Burton Agnes, and they and others went to speak with Alice Huson, and tho at first they could not prevail with her, yet at last they got her to his House, and Sir Fr. Boynton a Justice of the Peace and Mr. Wellfet being there, after much a do, at last they prevailed with her to go up into his Daughters Chamber. As she went up, his Daughter gave a great Screech; and some in the Chamber brought Alice Huson to the Bed-side: And after a short time, she going down again, his Daughter called suddenly for a Toast and Beer; for (she said) she was very Hungry and Dry.()