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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Lancelot HarrisonA man who receives money which the Devil gave to Alice Huson.(58-59)The Confession of Alice Huson, 28 of April, 1664. to Mr. Tim. Wellfet, Vicar of Burton Agnes, (in her own Words) as it was given in to the Judges at York Assizes, THree Years I have had to do with, and for the Devil: He appeared to me like a Black Man on a Horse upon the Moor: He told me I should never want, if I would follow his ways: He bid me to give my self to him, and forsake the Lord; and I promised him I would. He did upon that give me five Shillings; and another time he gave me seven Shillings: And for six several times he did so; and Thom. Ratle had 20 s. of the Mony I had of him. [...] I had about a Fortnight ago ten Shillings of the Devil at Ratle's door about Twi-light or Day-gate; and I gave two Shillings of this Mony for two Pecks of Barly, Pease and Wheat mix'd, to Will. Parkley. [...] (58) I lent Lancelot Harrison eight Shillings of the ten Shillings the Devil gave me (59)()