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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 115The seven year old daughter of Anonymous 113 who is allegedly found in her aunt and uncle's bedroom after she is taken there by her mother on a bed staff. She is the main witness against her mother.(49)This her own Child about Seven years of Age, who lay with her, having often observed her to do, at last it would do so too, and thereupon was presently carried through the Air into the same Room, where the Mother and some others were, who after some time went all away, and the Child being left behind, fell a Crying; at which the Man and his Wife being awakened, and wondering to hear a Child Cry in their Room, the Man arose and lighted a Candle, and finding the Child, and understanding by it how it came thither, the next day they acquainted a Justice of the Peace with the Matter. Whereupon the Sister was Apprehended, and Committed, and the next Assizes was Tryed for a Witch: And the Child, who was all the while kept from her, being then produced, told how it came into that Room, and what it had seen and hear'd the Mother say and do; whereupon, the Mother confessed all the Matter before related.()