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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Margaret AustinA woman from Wapping in the county of Greater London, known to be a "wandering person" whom in charity Joan Peterson had given a home to, who alleges in court that Joan Peterson cured Christopher Wilson of his sickness, and then made ill again when he does not pay her. Austin was ejected from Peterson's home for stealing goods from her house.(7)Then the Court proceeded to the other Indictment, which was for bewitching one Christopher Wilson (who doth not himself complain of any such thing, but the Confederates only:) and the only materiall evidence that then was against her, was one Margaret Austin (who had formerly been a wandering person, but was in charity taken up, relieved, and kept, by the said Jone Peterson, until shee perceived that the said Austin had purloined some of her goods out of her house,) and two Witnesses more; the substance of whose Testimony was as followeth. That the said Wilson, having been a long time sick, and hearing that the said Peterson had done good to many, sent for her to come to him, who accordingly did and administred meanes for his Recovery, which at first was conceived to do him good; But he afterwards relapsed, and the reason that was urged to induce the Court and Jury to believe that he was Bewitched, was, that dureing his sickness, shee sent to him for monyes [...]or her Phisick; to whom Answer was returned that he could then send her none. Whereupon it was then deposed that shee did reply, that he had better have sent her monies, for he should be to times worse then ever was; And that afterwards he became very ill again, and remained languishing.()