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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. CookeA minister in Fuystone, York whose sermon is determined to be the first cause of Elizabeth Fairfax's fits. He bacame a spiritual protector to her.(37, 40)On Sunday 28th October 1621 my daughter Helen Fairfax was sent into the parlour at my house at Newhall, a little before supper time, to see that the fire did not hurt and there she stayed for a while; when William Fairfax my eldest son came in the place and found her laid along upon the floor, in a deadly trance; and by informing mo we took her up but could not recover her we called her mother and made use of many means to recover her but in vain; for she laid several hours for dead; but at last she respired, and shortly after spoke then we found by her words that her imagination was that -- she was at church at Leeds hearing a sermon from Mr Cooke the preacher and that she told to every one that spake to her. (37) Here, I cannot but think who this comforter was, who in the shape of Mr. Cooke seemed to pray for her, instruct and comfort her. If an evil spirit,then Sathan is against himself, and so his kingdom is divided. If a good one, it must be a good angel appointed for her particular guard. (40)()