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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sir William SaundersA man from Cottesbrook in the county of Northampton, known to be a knight, who allegedly apprehended suspected witches Joan Vaughan and Agnes Brown and delivered them to Northampton Gaole.(B4-B5)The Impe of this Damme, and both Impes of the Deuill, beeing glad that they were both out of his reach, shewed presently that they had longer armes then he, for he felt within a short time after his comming home that hee was not out of their reach, beeing by the deuillish practises of these two hel-hounds sodenly & grieuously tormented in the like kind & with the like fits of his sister, which continued vntill these two witches either by the procurement of Maister Auery and his friends (or for some other Diuillish practise they had committed in the countrey) were appr[e]hended, and brought to Northampton Gaole by Sir William Saunders o[f] Co[u]esbrooke knight. ()