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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Sir Thomas T[...]hamA man from Guilsborough in the county of Northampton, known to be a knight, who apprehended Mary Barber on suspicion of witchcraft and delivered her to gaol at Northampton.(D3)THis Mary Barber of Stan[wicke] in the said County of N[o]rthampton was one in whom the licentiousnesse of her passions grew to bee the Master of her Reason, and did so conquer in her strength and power of all vertue, that shee fe[l]l in the Apostacy of goodnesse, and became diuerted, and [deba]sed vnto most [bol]de actions, cloathing her desperate soule, in the most vgly habiliments, that either Malice, Enuy, or Cruelty could produce from the [bli]ndnesse of her degenerate, and deuillish desires. As shee was of meane Parents, so was she monstrous and hideous, both in her life, and [actions]. Her education and barbarous nature neuer promising to the world any thing, but what was rude, violent and without any hope of p[ro]portion, more then only in the square of [dev]iousnesse. For out of the [oblivion] and blindnesse of her seduced sences, shee gaue [way] to all the passionate and earthly f[acult]ies of the flesh and followed all the [frenzied?] vanities, and C[hi]meras of her polluted and vnreasonable d[eli]ghts, forsaking the Society of Grace, and growing enamored vpon all the euil that [Maistre?] or [frenzy could] minister to her [...]icious desires: As appeared by her bewitching a man to death, and doing much other hurt and harme to diuers sorts of cattle in the Country. For which shee was committed to Northampton gaole the 6 day of May last by Sir Thomas T[...]ham, and the same and many other matters beeing plainely and euidently manifest and proued against her by good euidence, shee had the sentence of death, worthily pronounced against her. In the time of her imprisonment she was not noted to haue any remembrance or feeling of the haynousnesse of her offences or any remorcefull tongue of the dissolute and deuillish course of her life. ()