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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 130A Justice of the Peace who presides over the examination, trial, and condemnation of Margaret Thorpe.(87-88)A justice of peace here desired that my daughter and Thorp's wife might be personally together before him, so they confronted, as he appointed, and the wench fell in trance, and was senseless to all persons present, but to Thorp's wife she talked, and the woman (against her will, but enforced thereunto by the justice) interrogated of all these circumstances of the leases, the writing of them, and other particulars, which the wench answered, repeating to the woman all that she had told her concerning the same. The same justice also in the church, at Fuystone, told me in private, that he would try if Thorp's wife were a witch, by causing her to say the Lord's Prayer, for if she were a witch, he said, that in the repetition of that prayer she could not say the words, " Forgive us our trespasses." I was silent, and observed the trial. The woman being put to it could not say those words by any means. At first she repeated the prayer, and wholly omitted them, and then being admonished and urged to the point, she stood amazed, and finally could not at all utter them, of which many people were witnesses, to their admiration.()