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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Henry GraverA man who allegedly hired Margaret Waite and Margaret Thorpe to bewitch Helen and Elizabeth Fairfax, and Maud Jeffray.(92)Also the 2nd of March the strange woman in the hall told Hellen that she would now tell her who it was that hired them to bewitch her, and said it was Henry Graver. She answered, " I have been told that already; why dost thou tell me it again ? We think him an honest man, and that thou dost slander him." The woman said, " Nay, but it is true, and I will tell thee a true thing in that matter," which was, that Henry Graver did hire Thorp's wife and Wait's wife to bewitch her and Jeffray's daughter, and gave them money, and that he went to the house of Wait's wife divers times after she was first questioned, and before she went to the gaol; that he had talked there with her and encouraged her, and said she could not be hurt because they had taken away no life, and promised that she should want nothing. And he_ gave her money from time to time, and maintained them lest they should tell of him, for he is afraid of them. The wench then asked the woman how she knew what talk Graver had with Wait's wife at her house. She did answer that she was there, and sat by the fire in likeness of a cat, when Graver came thither, and so heard their talk. This was the sum of that which the paper contained, and which the woman required Hellen to steal.()