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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anne FairfaxThe infant daughter of Edward Fairfax who dies under mysterious circumstances; she begins bleeding all over her body. (106)Further she declared that she was one of them that bewitched to death Anne Fairfax, my little daughter, and reported that upon a Friday in October she came to the house where the child was nursed, and took a time when all the people of the house were abroad, and the child and another infant of the nurse's were left alone, lying in several cradles. She stood before them, she said, and showed herself to them with the beard upon her face, and a great knife in her hand: at which sight the children shrieked out, and were so affrighted that they took sickness thereupon, of which the' nurse's child recovered hardly, and my daughter died the Tuesday after ; indeed in strange sort by bleeding at whole and sound parts of her body, where the blood brake out to the admiration of all such as saw it.()