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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 132A Justice of the Peace who, as part of the York Assize Grand Jury, presides over the indictment of Margaret Waite (Sr), Margaret Waite (Jr.), Jennit Dibble, Margaret Thorpe, Elizabeth Fletcher, and Elizabeth Dickenson.(126)aughters were both of them sore troubled and long in trance, in which they talked to the black cat, &c. And with some difficulty we came to York. Upon the 8th of August, I preferred sundry indictments against the women questioned, and myself and all other the witnesses delivered our evidence upon our oaths before the grand jury; who were all of them gentlemen of such wisdom and discretion, that they can hardly be paralleled by any jury for divers years past. Six of them were justices of the peace, and they received also a good caveat by a message from the judge to be very careful in the matter of witches ; which message was delivered to them in my hearing. So they proceeded with much advisedness and diligence in questioning me, and all the other witnesses. So I think nothing was left undone or said which the wit of man could esteem needful for searching out of the truth, and in giving satisfaction of the certainty of so strange a case. In the end they were all so fully persuaded in their consciences, and so abundantly satisfied in all their doubts and curious demands, that without difficulty they found every indictment to be billa vera; and so the next day^ viz., the 9th of August, Friday, the six women came all to their arraignment()