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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 136The Judge who presided over the arraignment of Margaret Waite (Sr), Margaret Waite (Jr.), Jennit Dibble, Margaret Thorpe, Elizabeth Fletcher, and Elizabeth Dickenson, and who dismissed charges against them.(127)But the Judge, on what occasion moved I know not, after some good plausible hearing of evidence for a time, at last told the jury that that evidence reached not to the point of the statute, and so withdrew the offenders from their trial by the jury of life and death, and dismissed them at liberty. At which manner of proceeding many wiser men than I am, greatly wonder. It hath been told me that one John Dibb, son of Dibb's wife, procured a certificate to the judge, that the women were of good fame, and never till that time ill-reported of for witchcraft ; and that Henry Graver solicited and induced many persons to set their hands to the same, upon advantage of which certificate such magistrates as are incredulous in these things work their deliverance.()