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Assertions for a specific person.

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Thomas GistA man from Bideford in the county of Devon, described as the "Thomas Gist Mayor of the Burrough, Town and Mannor of Biddiford," who is one of the main examiners at Temperance Lloyd's trial. Gist personally heard the testimony of Dorcas Coleman (the Wife of John Coleman of Bideford, Mariner), Thomas Bremincom of Bideford, Gentleman, Grace Thomas of Bideford, Spinster, Elizabeth Eastchurch and Thomas Eastchurch of Biddiford, Gentleman, Anne Wakely, the Wife of William Wakely of Biddiford, Husbandman, William Herbert of Bideford, Black-smith, Grace Barnes and John Barnes of Bideford, Yeoman, William Edwards of Bideford, Black-smith, Joane Jones and Anthony Jones of Bideford, Husbandman, and examined, heard the testimony of, and the final confessions of Susanna Edwards, Temperance Lloyd, and Mary Trembles.(18)Temperance Lloyd her Examination, taken the 3d day of July, in the 34th year of the Reign of our Soveraign Lord Charles the Second, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland King, defender of the Faith, &c. before us Thomas Gist Mayor of the Burrough, Town, and Mannor of Biddisord aforesaid, and John Davie Alderman, two of his Majesties Justices of the Peace within the same Burrough, &c. Devon. ss. Biddiford ss. THe said Informant being brought before us by some Constables of the said Burrough, upon the complaint of Thomas Eastchurch of Biddiford aforesaid Gent. and charged upon suspition of having used some Magical Art, Sorcery, or Witchcraft upon the Body of Grace Thomas of Biddiford aforesaid Spinster; and to have had Discourse or Familiarity with the Devil in the shape of a black Man: And being demanded how long since she had Discourse or Familiarity with the Devil in the likeness or shape of a black man, Saith, That about the 30th day of September last past she met with the Devil in the shape or likeness of a black Man, about the middle of the Afternoon of that day, in a certain Street or Lane in the Town of Biddiford aforesaid, called Higher Gunstone Lane: And then and there he did tempt and sollicite her to go with him to the house of the said Thomas Eastchurch to torment the Body of the said Grace Thomas; which this Examinant at first did refuse to do: But afterwards, by the temptation and perswasion of the Devil in the likeness of a black Man as aforesaid, she did go to the house of the said Thomas Eastchurch, and that she went up the stairs after the said black Man; and confesseth, that both of them went up into the Chamber where she the said Grace Thomas was, and that there they found one Anne Wakely the Wife of William Wakely of Biddiford, rubbing and stroaking one of the Arms of the said Grace Thomas. And the said Examinant doth further confess, that she did then and there pinch with the Nails of her Fingers the said Grace Thomas in her Shoulders, Arms, Thighs and Legs; and that afterwards they came down from the said Grace Thomas her Chamber into the Street together; and that there this Examinant did see something in the form or shape of a Grey or Braget Cat; and saith that the said Cat went into the said Thomas Eastchurch's Shop. The said Examinant, being further demanded whether she went any more unto the said Thomas Eastchurch's house, saith and confesseth, that the day following she came again to the said Thomas Eastchurch's house invisible, and was not seen by any person; but there this Examinant did meet with the Braget Cat as aforesaid; and the said Cat did retire and leap back into the said Thomas Eastchurch's Shop. The said Examinant, being further demanded when she was at the said Thonas Eastchurch's house the last time, saith, that she was at the said Mr. Eastchurch's house upon Friday the 30th day of June last past; and that the Devil in the shape of the said black Man was there with her: And that they went up again into the said Chamber, where she found the said Grace Thomas lying in her Bed in a very sad condition. Notwithstanding which, she this Examinant and the said black Man did torment her again: And saith and confesseth, that she this Examinant had almost drawn her out of her Bed, and that on purpose to put her the said Grace out of her Life. And further saith, that the black man (or rather the Devil) did promise this Examinant that no one should discover her. And further confesseth, that the said black Man (or rather the Devil, as aforesaid) did suck her Teats which she now hath in her Secret Parts: And that she did kneel down to him in the Street, as she was returning to her own house, and after that they had tormented the said Grace Thomas in manner as last above mentioned. Being demanded of what stature the said black Man was, saith, that he was about the length of her Arm: And that his Eyes were very big; and that he hopt or leapt in the way before her, and afterwards did suck her again as she was lying down; and that his sucking was with a great pain unto her, and afterwards vanish'd clear away out of her sight. This Examinant doth further confess, That upon the first day of June last past, whilst the said Mr. Eastchurch and his Wife were absent, that the said Examinant did pinch and prick the said Grace Thomas (with the aid and help of the blackman, or rather the Devil) in her Belly, Stomach, and Breast; and that they continued so tormenting of her about the space of two or three hours, with an intent to have killed her. And further saith, that at the same time she did see the said Anne Wakely rubbing and chasing of several parts of the said Grace Thomas her Body: Although the said Anne Wakely, being present at taking of this Examination, doth affirm that she did not see the said Examinant. Thomas Gist Mayor. John Davie Alderman. ()