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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Margaret Russell (Countess)A woman who lived in London. In an attempt to save Elizabeth Jennings, Margaret Russell appears to attempt to access a network of female physicians and cunning women, but would come to be accused of, examined for, and imprisoned for bewitching Jennings. She is accused blaming Jennings' possession on a conflict between the Jennings' and Higgins' houses. ()Upon Tuesday the physicians, finding her estate desperate, had a consultation and resolved of three courses for remedy: 1. to give her a vomit; 2. to let her blood; 3. to bathe her in oil. On Wednesday she had the vomit accordingly, which wrought neither amendment nor alteration. But the intention of letting blood being discovered to Countess (who divers times came to the house), she with much earnestness desired it might not be so, saying the doctors would kill her thereby as they had done [the earl of] Exeters child.()