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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mr. HigginsAn Apothecary in London who, via Margaret Russell, is implicated in the bewitchment of Elizabeth Jennings.()This examinate found her and a woman sitting with her, and told her in what case the child was. And she [Mrs. Goodcole] said she would come this day but she ought her no service, and said she had been there before, and left receipts there, but the child did not take them. And she said further that there was two children that the Lady Jennings had by this husband that were bewitched and dead, for there was controversy between two houses, and that as long as they dwelt there they could not prosper, and that there should be no blessing in that house by this man. And being demanded what she meant by the difference betwixt two houses, she answered it was betwixt the house of God and the house of the world; but being urged to express it better, she said we knew it well enough ; it was the difference betwixt Higgins the apothecary (the next neighbour) and the Lady Jennings.()