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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Thomas FowlerA witness to Elizabeth Jennings miraculous (and temporary) recovery, and examiner of Margaret Russell, the woman accused of bewitching her.()On Friday the 26th of April, between ten and eleven oclock in the forenoon (at which time Countess was brought out of the goale to speak [with] the minister and his wife and others at a private house), the child had another very dangerous fit of convulsions, which Doctor Fox beholding, said it nearly touched her life; in which fit she began to speak again, as followeth: "The height of my disease is witchcraft." And after a good space she spake again thus: "They have no power to witch me to death, but only to put me to pain." And anon after, with a smiling countenance, she said, "One is in prison, thother is hanged." And presently after, "It is ceased, it is ceased." And presently her fit went off, her speech returned, and her palsy arm recovered motion and sense ; and ever since hath been, and is, perfect in her understanding and memory, and of very good health in all respects, and eateth her meat as well as ever she did before she fell sick. These words were spoken, and she thus recovered, in the presence of Sir Thomas Fowler, knight; Doctor Fox, the minister; William Power, esq.; the Lady Jennings; Mistress Katharine Percy; Katharine Browne [and] Agnes Faulkner, servants.()