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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Mistress WalkdenA woman from Clifton in the county of Bristol, described as the grandmother of Thomas Darling who visits her grandson and believes he has been bewitched by Alice Gooderidge.(5)The Thursdaye before Caster (beeing the 8. of Aprill) there came to see the Boye Mistresse Walkeden of Clifton his Grandmother, and Mistres Saunders his Aunt; to whom when it was told what the Boy sayd conterning the meeting of a woman in the wood, Mistres Walkeden (vpon the Witches cursing, the Boyes sodaine sicknes, his strange handling, & the Phisitions iudgement) thoght it more than probable that the Boy was bewitched: and by the markes that he had taken, perceiued that it was Alice Gooderidge which had thus bewitched him[.]()