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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John TonkenA boy from Penzance in the county of Cornwall, known to be fifteen or sixteen years old, who allegedly suffers from strange and violent fits after seeing an unfamiliar woman (Anonymous 6) in a "blue Jerkin and Red Petticoat, with Yellow and Green patches" who told him he would not get better until he vomits "Nutshels Pins and nails." Soon after, Tonken is said to have vomited pins, nails, walnut shells and straw. The fits of vomiting strange objects continue, as do the apparitions of the woman, and sometimes that of a cat, whom Tonken identifies as the woman in another shape. The last time, three women appeared to him, and Anonymous 6 bid him farewell, saying she would trouble him no more; two days later he was well and able to go about on crutches. Two women were arrested on suspicion of witchcraft following his testimony, Jane Noal (alias Nickless) and Betty Seeze.(2-6)One Iohn Tonken, of Pensans, near the Mount in Cornwall, about 15 or 16 Years of Age, was in April last strangely taken with sudden fits; And on the 4th. of May, 1686. as he lay in Bed, there appeared to him a Woman in a blue Jerkin and Red Petticoat, with Yellow and Green patches, and told him, that he would not be well before he had brought up Nutshels Pins, and Nails; which the Boy afterwards related to several People that were at his Chamber, though none did see or hear the Apparition, but himself: soon after the Lad was taken with fits of striving, or yoaking, insomuch, that two Men could scarce hold him, and after several fits, he brought up three Pins, and half a Walnut-shell, and in few days after, he brought up three Walnut-shells, and several Pins, some of which were Crooked. The Woman very often appeared to him, sometimes in the shape as before; at other times like a Cat; whereupon the Boy would shreik, and cry out that he would not see her, laying his hands over his Eyes and Mouth, and would say with a loud voice, she is putting things into my Mouth, she will Choak me, she will Poyson me. At other times he would say, I will not be Tempted by thee, and in the Name of Iesus, I defie, thee and all thy works: for a while he would ly as Dead, and on a sudden he would spring from the Bed, three or four Foot high, from between two Men that usually sat upon the Bed by him. At another time he said the Woman told him he had Straws in his Belly, and in a short time after, he brought up four or five Straws, as also an ear of Rye, with a Straw to it half a yard long; and for two or three days Successively he brought up great quantity's of Straws and Rushes, some of them being a yard long, with broad knots in them[.] [...] [A]nd in few Hours after, the Boy cryed out he was prick'd in the Heel, the People that were then present, turned the Bedcloaths off, and found a new threepeny Nail fast to his Heel, and another in the Bed[.] [...] The last time, there appeared to him three Women, whereat he cried out, what a Cofederancy? What you Old Witch more Confederates, and then she bad him farewell, and said she would trouble him no more; two days after, the Boy was pretty well again, and goes abroad with Crutches.()