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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Cunning ManA man from Stapenhill in the county of Staffordshire, described as a cunning man who comes to Robert Toones home to help cure Toones nephew, Thomas Darling. The cunning man sends for the Witch of Stapen Hill, and attempts to coerce a confession by putting her in painful and constricting shoes. (24-25)Two or three went to Stapen-hill to see what the olde woman did this while; suspecting she had a hand herein: when they came thether, they found her on her knees; praying (no doubt) to the diuell. Upon the first of May, about 7. in the morning, he was cast into a fit. This was the daye wherein the Cunning man would make the Witch confesse, and a sennight after cure the Boy: so hee sent for her from the Towne Hal to Rob: Toones, where manie worshipful Personages were readie to see proofe of his skill. Being brought they laboured to make her confesse voluntarily: to whom she answered, this was y[e] first that euer she committed; and if they would procure her libertie, shee offered to confesse all the truth freely. Presently her speech was interrupted, so that shee could not speake but she praied them to forgiue her. Then the man seeing this would not preuaile, fell to triall of his conclusion: hee put a paire of new shooes on her feete, setting her close to the fire, till the shooes being extreame hot, might constrayne her thorough increase of the paine to confesse. This was his ridiculous practise, she being throghly heated desired a release and she would disclose al; which granted, she confessed nothing. Being therefore threatned more sharply, she offered to reueale all priuatly to mistresse Dethicke, and going with her into a parlour; when she began to speake her winde was stopped, so as shee could not say any thing, but, I pray you forgiue me. By this it was xi. of the clocke, and the boy had had 8. fits, and was brought into the parlour where she was, who said, Thomas, I pray you forgiue mee, and be good to mee. At which words hee fell into a maruellous sore fit. After which, the companie continued threatning and persuading hir, but al she would say was, she was sorie for him, for she mistooke him, thinking him to be Sherrats boy, thinking to haue bin reuenged on him for breaking her egges. When they saw they could preuaile no more, they sent her againe to the Hall, and the company departed: after which the boy had 8. fits.()