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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
John HubbardA man from the London Borough of Southwark, described as a physician and astrologer employed by John Barrow to help cure his son, James Barrow. Hubbard states he is familiar with these sorts of conditions and believes that James Barrow has been bewitched.(8)In this great extremity, I knew not otherwise what to do, but to apply my self to Physitians and Astrologers, and such-like men, for help, but could meet with none from them; at length after I had made use of them, one Iohn Hubbard was commended to me, and he and another with him came to my house; I asked him, whether he could do my Child any good? he said, Yea, he was not the first that he had medled with in that condition, for he told me that he was bewitched:()