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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
James AlthamA man from the County of York, known to be a knight, a Baron of His Majesties' Court of Exchequer and a Justice of Assize for Oyer and Terminer. Sir James Altham heard the examination of Jennet Preston on July 27, 1612 along with Sir Edward Bromley.(Title Page)The vvonderfull discouerie of witches in the countie of Lancaster VVith the arraignement and triall of nineteene notorious witches, at the assizes and general gaole deliuerie, holden at the castle of Lancaster, vpon Munday, the seuenteenth of August last, 1612. Before Sir Iames Altham, and Sir Edward Bromley, Knights; barons of his Maiesties Court of Exchequer: and iustices of assize, oyer and terminor, and generall gaole deliuerie in the circuit of the north parts. Together with the arraignement and triall of Iennet Preston, at the assizes holden at the castle of Yorke, the seuen and twentieth day of Iulie last past, with her execution for the murther of Master Lister by witchcraft. ()