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Assertions for a specific person.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 144An Irish Roman Catholic from the London Borough of Southwark, who attempts to cure James Barrow of his possession by putting a cross on the boy's head. James Barrow simply roars at the cross, and Anonymous 144 sends the boy to Lord Abony.(9)Then I counselled him to be a good boy, and go home to his Master, and shew himself a wise lad; he then went home to his Master, and fell to work, but that lasted not long; at length his master was very hasty with me, still asking me what he should do? but I could not well tell, neither could he, which caused a difference between us; but at length his Master told me, that he heard of a man which came from Ireland, that cured all diseases; which I did not believe, because he was a Roman Catholick; yet nevertheless, he perswaded me to carry the boy to him (his Master being a traveller, and acquainted with the Catholicks) which I did, and was no sooner come, but they pulled out their Crosses, and put them behind the boys head, which the boy not seeing, fell a roaring; they conceiting it was the Devil that roared at the Cross, as at a thing he could not endure.()