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John Nutter gives deposition alleging that, around Christmas eighteen or nineteen years before, he heard his brother Robert Nutter tell their father Christopher Nutter "Father, I am sure I am bewitched by the Chattox, Anne Chattox, and Anne Redferne her daughter, I pray you cause them to bee layed in Lancaster Castle[.]" Christopher called him foolish, and blamed Robert for his own misfortunes. Robert wept and continued to insist he was bewitched, saying that "I will procure them to bee laid where they shall be glad to bite Lice in two with their teeth."(Ov-O2)

Appears in:
Potts, Thomas. The Wonderfull Discovery of Witches in the County of Lancaster. London: 1613, Ov-O2

1593, December 25   The Forest of Pendle  Lancashire  Lancaster  England