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A baby is born in Allington, Lancashire with two four legs and arms, two bellies, one back, two faces and one head.(6)

Appears in:
Anonymous. Stranges News of a Prodigious Monster Born in the Township of Allington. Unknown: 1613, 6

1613 Adlington  Standish  Lancashire  Lancaster  England 

Margaret Flower alleges during her examination that four or five years before, her mother Joan Flower sent her to take Henry Lord Rosse's right hand glove. After she did so, her mother asked her to bring her another glove or personal item from Henry Lord Rosse. Margaret asked what they were for, and Joan replied they were to hurt Lord Henry with. Joan stroked her familiar Rutterkin with the glove, dipped it in hot water and pricked it; Margaret claims that Lord Henry fell sick within a week and became tormented.(F3v)

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Wonderful Discovery of the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phillip Flower. London: 1619, F3v

1613 (Bever Castle)  Belvoir  Leicestershire  Leicestershire  England