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Mabel Swinnington reports that she went to see Dr. John Lambe the next day at Elizabeth Seager's request. She confronted him, declaring that "you haue vndone an honest mans child, for well shee may recouer her health of body againe, but neuer her credit, for it will bee a staine to her reputation whil'st shee liues." He would not admit to the deed, but demanded to see Joan and examine her. Mabel replied "she hath bin too late with you already, she will come no more here" and told him she not only knew he had sent his maid to dress Joan, but that the dish holding the venomous substance had been left behind.(18-21)

Appears in:
Anonymous. A Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of John Lambe. Amsterdam: 1628, 18-21

1627, May 30 King's Bench    London, Greater  London  England