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Captain Brown of Shropshire is brutally murdered by his servant, after which he appears as an apparition to two Gentlewomen.(1-2)

Appears in:
Anonymous. An Account of a Most Horrid and Barbarous Murder and Robbery Committed on the Body of Captain Brown. Edinburgh: 1694, 1-2

1684, March     Shropshire  Shropshire  England 

Anne Arthur claims that the apparition (anonymous 25) frightened her, so she began running to reach her home. The apparition caught up with her, however, and asked her where she was going. Explaining that she was poor and had to work for a living she told him she was going home to Deptford after selling her things in the city. The apparition then allegedly offered her a bag of silver. Still frightened the woman refused and so he offered her a bag of gold which made Arthur scream until people (anonymous 438) came to find her and bring her home. She has since been distracted and disorderly.(1-2)

Appears in:
Anonymous. Strange and Dreadful News from the Town of Deptford, in the County of Kent. London: 1685, 1-2

1684, March Deptford    London, Greater  London  England