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A twenty year old woman from Hammersmith, Middlesex, wife of John Fowles, described as a poor, ignorant wife of a labourer. Unhappy in her marriage, and with her in-laws, Fowles feigned melancholy in 1698 and began to speak in the voice of the devil. It is unclear is her husband and sister knew she was faking it, but "some" persuaded her to claimed she's been bewitched, and to speak as though there were two spirits in her. She became a sort of demoniac celebrity, and many came to sit in her room, watching over her and praying; there was concern that she would be dispossessed by Catholics. Her possession was tested; she was burnt by a hot iron, had smoke blown in her face, and was frighteded by a man who'd dressed like the devil. She admitted both that she'd been "persuaded, for filthy gain, to counterfeit herself possessed," and had come to believe she was really tormented. (20-24)

Appears in:
Anonymous. A full and true account of the life [...] of Susan Fowls. . London: 1698, 20-24

Susannah / Susan Fowles / Fowl Susannah Fowles Demoniac