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A twelve year old boy from Leyland, in Croston, Lancashire, the son of Mr Crook. Crook's son was read as a demoniac by much of his community (some of which appear to have a pro-Catholic agenda). Thomas Marsden, who was one of his attending physicians, described his eyes asglassy and much disturbed, and recounts that the boy spit, cursed, froze, his head lolled from side to side, he threw and distorted his body, and he swore beat the air with his arms; and afterwards let his head fall very Low upon his breast, at which time he seem'd to speak with another voice, mistaken by some present for the voice of the Devil. He was diagnosed by Mardsen in 1676 as suffering a natural distemper. At Marsden's recommendation, the boy was send to his "Wise and Worthy Friend Dr. Richmond of Leverpool, who healed the Lad and saved my Purse. He began with more general Evacuations, which proving less effectual, he fell to the purgation of his head, and by Gargarisms, Fumigations, Sternutaments and the like, he thinn'd, dislodged and fetched away all that viscous morbifick matter that had caused his sad distemper." Marsden encountered the lad years later when he was a healthy, happily married man and father.(Sig A2)

Appears in:
Taylor, Zachary. The devil turn'd casuist, or, The cheats of Rome laid open. London: 1696, Sig A2

Crook Crook's Son Demoniac