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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Little DevilThe devil appears in the form of two birds, one named Little Devil and the other Partner, which Old Alice allegedly uses to torment Mildred Norrington, and to kill Edward Anger, Richard Anger, and Wolton's wife.We asked him again, Where else? He said, in Westwell: Where there? said we: In the Vicarige, said he: Where there? In the loft: How camest thou to her? said we: In the likeness of two birds, said he: Who sent thee to that place? said we: Old Alice, said he: What other Spirits were with thee there? said we: My servant, said he: What is his name? said we: He said, Little Devil: What is thy name? said we? Satan, said he: What doth old Alice call thee? said we: Partner, said he: What doth she give thee? said we: Her will, said he: How many hast thou killed for her? said we: Three, said he: Who are they? said we: A man and his child, said he: What were their names? said we: The childs name was Edward, said he: What more then Edward? said we: Edward Ager, said he: What was the mans name? said we: Richard, said he: What more? said we: Richard Ager, said he: Where dwelt the man and the child? said we: At Dig, at Dig, said he: This Richard Agar of Dig, was a Gentleman of forty pounds land by the year, a very honest man, but would often say, he was bewitched, and languished long before he dyed: Whom else hast thou killed for her? said we: Woltons wife, said he: Where did she dwel?

Appears in:
Scot, Reginald. Scot's Discovery of Witchcraft Proving the Common Opinions of Witches Contracting with Devils, Spirits, or Familiars. London: 1651, 72