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Assertions for a specific being.

Name Description Original Text
Anonymous 84The devil who allegedly appears in the form of a "Tall Slender Black Man, of a thin Visage, and a thick Speech," who appears to James Day at his request in writing in blood. The black man spends some offering James Day "money and worldly goods," as long as James Day should agree to be his servant. He also suggests James Day should become quite good at "games," and in fact, may enchant James Day to have luck at the lottery that evening.that accordingly he went on Saturday the 8th day of June, into a Field near St. Patricks Well, and writ in his own Blood these Words; In the Name of the Devil, I command you to appear; and that immediately there came to him a Tall Slender Black Man, of a thin Visage, and a thick Speech; and that they conversed together for some time; and that he said black man made him great Offers of Money, and Wordly Goods; if he would become his Servant; particularly, That he should win at all sorts of Game; and that after they parted, he went immediately by some secret Direction, to the Lottery on Essex Bridge, where he won that evening Eleven Shillings and Four Pence

Appears in:
Anonymous. The Detection of a Popish Cheat. Dublin: 1696, 1